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Novelist is a highly renowned musician who hails from Lewisham, South-East London. His perceptive approach to all aspects of artistry began at the age of six, using a variety of tools to craft his early compositions. Since then, he’s received remarkable acclaim for his output. Projects such as the entirely self-produced Sniper EP, his collaborative work with Mumdance and Chase & Status and the anthemic ‘Endz’ now see him firmly established as a creative force to be reckoned with.

Through his dedication to innovation, Novelist has developed a new approach to music with his Ruff Sound Movement. This revelatory eye for aesthetics in general has also seen him make significant waves in both the fashion industry and within the political sphere. His work with distinguished L.A designer Joyrich is a testament to his understanding of haute couture, whilst the potency of his lyrical content and prescience of mind resonates with his wide ranging fan base; articulating powerful messages on tracks such as ‘Street Politician’ and ‘Tax the MPs’.

His impact is such that globally recognised brands – including The New Yorker, PaperMag and Red Bull Music Academy – have taken notice, and he’s toured extensively across the world, winning over countless crowds with a dynamic live show that deftly showcases his ability as both an MC and all-round artist.

Novelist cuts a decidedly distinctive figure in today’s landscape, otherwise filled with industry pawns and copyists. Never one to replicate, his continual push towards new ideas and practice resolutely cements his position as both a luminary mind and leading light; paving the way for an entire generation of artists set to follow in his footsteps.


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